I’m growing a beard. Mostly because I can.

Enjoying life and the world with Vanessa.

Learning as much as I can from those who can do better than me, mostly through books.


Shooting mainly on film with a Canon A1 and loving it. Not knowing what’s coming out after developing, taking time to think and frame an image, the blurry mess that sometimes comes out from manual focus, just add charm to the whole thing. And then those that come out so much better than I ever planned... 👌

Now, for when the light is tough or it’s not practical to carry around a nearly 1kg camera, I’ve recently gotten a fancy phone with dual Leicas that takes some very nice shots as well.

You can check all that out on Instagram and in the Photos section.


Coding for Conversio, on the back- and front-end, trying to do marketing that’s reliable, useful and not spammy.

Coding this website.


I’m back in Lisbon! For a while... I’ll be going to Athens soon 😎

Now Page?

A(nother) brilliant idea by Derek Sivers. More info here.